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How to Choose the Right Saree for Your Body Type?

How many of you here love wearing sarees? Which will be you pick; traditional sarees or fashion sarees? Saree is a traditional Indian outfit that adds grace and beauty to any women! I live in India and I grown up seeing saree beauties everywhere. I cannot express in words about my love for sarees. Since I am underweight, I always had that hesitation to wear sarees. Thanks to god, I am gradually gaining some pounds now and hopefully, I willll be trying sarees after I reach my desired weight.
Today, this post is all about choosing the right saree for you body type. Wearing a saree according to your body weight, shape and structure matters really a lot to bring out the grace. Wearing saree can hide your flaws and make you look beautiful, if you choose the right saree. Come let’s check the tricks and tips to choose your perfect saree!
Tricks and Tips For Choosing Your Saree

Saree for Overweight Women:
Say no to cotton sarees and stiff sarees if you are overweight. These may stick to your body and give you a more broad look. Stiff cotton sarees can make your look more bulky. Instead, go for chiffon and silk sarees to make you look shape-y and thinner. If you are short and little heavy, then avoid wide printed sarees. Handloom cotton sarees will look great on you. By draping your saree the right way, you can make yourself look thinner.
If you have not-so-thin arms, go for full hand blouse with your saree like Aishwarya Rai in Cannes (Remember?) This will make you saree outfit look more beautiful.
Saree for Thin Women:

If you are thin by physique (not curvy) then go for cotton sarees and fluffy sarees that add some volume to your body. Puff hand blouses will work great too if you have thin arms (Don’t wear puff hands if you have not-so-thin arms though you have a petite body). Avoid chiffon sarees and net sarees; they might make you look even more thin and petite. Cotton sarees are one the easiest ways to look more fuller and beautiful if you are thin by nature. Tissue sarees add some volume too. Have you seen south Indian actress Trisha in ‘Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya’ movie? I like her dressing sense :) Cotton saree suits her thin body very well.

Saree For Tall Women:
To avoid looking overly tall, avoid sarees with no or less prints. Huge floral printed sarees and designer printed sarees will look great on you. Huge prints will divert the eyes from your tall sleek body. Being tall, you really have lot of choices when it comes to selecting a saree for your body type. Go for net sarees and thin fabric sarees to reveal your sexy ramp walk model saree look ;)

Saree For Short Women:

Is your saree making you more shorter? Notice your saree then. Does it contain big borders? Then I am sorry; it is not the right saree for you. Short women should go for sarees with small border, or sarees with no border to avoid looking more short. Mildly printed sarees will look gorgeous on you.
Saree for Apple Shaped Women:
If your body shape is ‘apple’, then probably your upper body weighs and looks bulkier than your stomach and back. In that case, go for embroidery sarees. They will flatter on you. Wearing embroidery sarees will give a great look to apple body shaped women.

Saree for Hour Glass Women:

If your body type is hourglass, then you are very lucking in choosing sarees. You have wider options. Any type of saree will suit you very well. Just choose the right saree for your skin complexion and weight. If you want to flaunt your curves, avoid stiff cottons and tissue sarees. Net sarees and thin designer sarees will make you a beautiful queen! I love Deepika Padukone’s sense of wearing saree to reveal her fab curves.